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Kokos Real Doll Veronia

Kokos Real Doll Veronia

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PREMIUM LOVE DOLL SERIES NO. 2 A real style LOVE DOLL; the design and texture is almost identical to a real lady. The real feeling of beautiful face and body line offers the genuine ecstasy of hard-core style. Vagina and Anal; Each hole offers different feeling, enjoy a variety of experiences. Size: 50 cm x 27 cm x 14 cm VAGINA 1. This product will blow mind as the pure numpha are visible when you open the full labium majus and stimulate your imagination. 2. The front part is coupled with double G-spot and thick vaginal membrane and creases offer even more thrilling exprience. 3. The middle part give different and various feelings from the bottom, as it is coupled with big bump like nipples. 4. Sperm outlet offers easy cleaning and management. ANAL 1. The appearance of anal insertion and size is designed just like the real anal, giving you even more realistic feeling of insertion. 2. Anal analyzed structure of the actual women anus. It has a curved insertion and spiral stimulating creases that help you feel a completely different stimulation. 3. The middle part is around 1.5cm diameter, which offers soft and smooth feeling when you move. Its comb-crease give unbearable stimulus. 4. Sperm outlet offers easy cleaning and management.


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